What is Let’s Makan?

Let's Makan is a gathering of neighbours from different walks of life, sharing a meal together. It is the perfect opportunity for people living close together (upstairs, downstairs, or just down the corridor) to get together meaningfully. It hopes to foster closer relationships among neighbours.

A Let's Makan session could be a small and cosy gathering or potluck session among a few neighbours... as long as everyone makan together!

Why should I join?

Life is always more pleasant when we know others living in the same community, where we have one another to rely on and to share things with.

Many older Singaporeans often lament the fading away of the kampung spirit that characterised their younger days. Children today are less aware of the warmth and sense of camaraderie this kampung spirit entails! Let's Makan is a good way to reignite this neighbourliness and for them to experience what it was like for their parents and grandparents back in the good old days.

Plus, it's perhaps the most fun way to get to know someone better, over Singapore's most popular bonding activity - eating!