The Pride

Discover honesty, humour and hope with The Pride –

Our Ah Gong once called us ‘champion grumblers’. Indeed, our ability to grumble about anything under the sun has become a trademark of our people.

Perhaps a simple shift in perspective can make us a happier lot?

Serving as a counterweight to the prevailing, unpleasant sentiments that are harboured within our society, SKM introduces The Pride, a brand new content platform that serves up regular doses of uplifting stories and fresh insights into current issues.

The Pride presents an alternative mode of thought – appealing to both reason and feeling. It covers current, trending news and provides deeper insight on local and global issues that are important to the community.

The Pride also exists to share stories of positivity and goodness, which often fly under the radar, and aims to make the reader feel good and do good. It offers meaningful pieces of food for thought to encourage the reader to think about what affects us as a society and how he or she can make the world a better place.

As we dwell deeper into social issues, The Pride also hopes to inspire action – be it through adopting a positive mindset or being more thoughtful towards others.

Come and discover honesty, humour and hope with us at!