twentythirty: Discussing identity and living with diversity

Produced by Drama Box and presented by *SCAPE and Singapore Kindness Movement in October 2016, twentythirty is a forum theatre production that delves into the issue of diversity.

As Singapore becomes more socially diverse than ever before, it is increasingly common to have classmates, neighbours and colleagues who come from different parts of the world. twentythirty built its narrative arc upon the projection that in the year 2030, there will be 6.9 million people in Singapore.

Reaching out to nearly 400 viewers and a total of 12 schools over 6 shows, twentythirty invited audiences to explore conflicts arising from cultural differences, allowing them to examine the figure of ‘others’ in their lives and the prejudices they may have. It created a safe platform for audiences to question and discover for themselves the role that the “I” play in accepting difference and embracing diversity.

Through the facilitators’ guidance, audience participation and exploration into various conflict resolution techniques further enriched the discussion around identity and living with diversity.

In the post show survey, more than half the audience felt that the performance made them see something from a new perspective. They also found the discussions meaningful which helped them to understand the issues better. Through twentythirty, the audience better appreciated the complexities around the integration of new residents in Singapore.


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