Bonding through satay at Urban Kampung 2016

SKM’s inaugural Urban Kampung took place on a cool, breezy evening on the 22nd of October. A fun filled way to encourage greater appreciation of the Malay culture, attendees not only feasted upon masterfully prepared satays but satisfied their burning questions on cultural practices of Malay-Muslims.

Eight renowned satay masters from around the island such as Haron Satay and Kam Satay brought along their best satays for the Ultimate Satay Challenge. Food connoisseurs including Dr Leslie Tay from ieatishootipost, Chef Kamal Fondueman from the Singapore Halal Culinary Federation and Adam Shah from the Halal food blog lent their expertise to judging for the best satay, meat and sauce.


As night fell, throngs of people streamed in to participate in the fringe activities, which includes traditional Henna provided by HennaSG and the SMUMS (Singapore Management University Muslim Society), and plus-sized kampong games such as giant Jenga, pick up sticks and five stones. These activities kept families entertained as they awaited the results of the Ultimate Satay Challenge.

Throughout the night, Mdm Murshidah Said from Spread Love & Respect shared with the attendees about practices in the Malay culture, touching on topics such as “How to wear a Tudung?”, “What to do when you visit a Malay wedding?” and “What to do when you visit a Malay home?”. She and a volunteer also helped to dress attendees in hijab for some photobooth fun.


The event ended with the announcement of the winners for “Ultimate Best Satay”, “Best Satay Meat”, “Best Satay Sauce” and the special category, “Kindest Satay Master”. The crowd’s favourite, Haron Satay emerged the winner. They also walked away with the Best Satay Meat title, while Best Satay Sauce went to Jamil Saté Classic. Hungry Bazterdz won the special category, the Kindest Satay Master. Loud cheering could be heard from the crowd as their favourite satay masters received cash prizes worth $1000 from Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, Senior Minister of State for Ministry of Defence & Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Mayor.

It was a night truly worth remembering for the joy, good food and camaraderie shared.

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