Kindness from Pioneer JC

Months ago, I wrote to the Ministry of Education, complimenting a girl in a grey shirt with the words “14A05” and “先驱初级学院”. This girl helped me to take care of my son when I lost him to the crowd. I must give a thumbs up to her because frankly speaking, my song is a hard one to handle. Yet, she took care of him and even manage to pacify and entertain him till I found them.

Few months later, I had another encounter with this girl when I was returning home from my office. This time, witnessing yet another act of kindness. That day, her bag appeared to be overloaded with things and her hands were full of books. But when an old lady in her vicinity dropped a bag of groceries, she did not for one moment hesitate to go forward to extend her helping hand. No one else approached the old lady, who was obviously struggling because she was carrying bags of groceries and had to take care of her son who appeared to have some problems with his vision. This girl didn’t stop there afterwards. After helping to pick the fallen groceries, she even helped the old lady and her son cross the road safely, helping them with the groceries on top of her already heavy load.

It is of such great pity that the girl’s name slipped my mind but her acts of kindness will remain deeply etched in my mind. Just like how my son fondly remembers her as “the very cute Jie Jie with a Piglet and Orang Utan keychain”. She is of such a small frame, yet she has such a big heart. I am truly impressed and I hope all students in Singapore can emulate her character and kindness. I also hope that MOE can continue with its education system and nurture outstanding future leaders as such.

Submitted by Pauline Ong
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