The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

It was the night before Valentine’s Day in the Lion City.

The moon was not shy that night,

its soft silvery light shining so bright,

heralding the hopes and dreams of millions of lovers.


Waterloo Street was bustling with activity, people walking about to and fro,

as I happened to glance down while on the common terrace of my public housing block.


Suddenly, I saw her.

She was walking down the sidewalk with a man and halted abruptly, practically tripping on some

small object which was on the main path. As she gathered herself, she took a moment to see what it

was that caused her to stumble.

Instead of apathetically moving on, the young lady paused to carefully push the item off the path,

making absolutely certain that it could not cause harm to anyone else who may have encountered it.

The object safely out of trouble’s way, she gracefully continued on her evening journey.


It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

That simple selfless act.

The care she took – for others — for strangers — for her fellow humans.

She did not do it because someone expected it, nor because someone was watching, but simply

because it was the right thing to do.

Part of our shared responsibility to make the world a better place.

Her action took only moments, but will forever reverberate in the humble halls of virtue.

In the true spirit of the day ahead, Saint Valentinus would have been proud.


The aura of the moon was strong that night,

brilliantly illuminating this angel so right.

not necessarily reflecting off the beauty of her face,

but the purity of her soul.


Submitted by John S. Hamalian 
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