A gracious student from Tao Nan School

One of your students, started my SG50 celebrations by showing his graciousness today.
I was at the SG50 picnic at the Marina Barrage this morning. The day started warm but as noon approached, just as the Black Knights were about to perform, it started raining heavily.
I didn’t have an umbrella. I stood under the rain, but suddenly I couldn’t feel the rain over my head. When I looked up, I saw an umbrella over my head.
Your P5 student, Wei Shann (I hope I got his name right), held an umbrella shade over my head to keep me dry.  He got wet at my expense.
It was a lovely thoughtful gesture. He was spontaneous in caring for a stranger.  He is the epitome of what our SG50 Jubilee Celebrations is all about, Majulah Singapura!
Our celebrations are not only about wearing red and white, but to hold our Nation’s colours in our hearts. Wishing him the best and to carry the Singapore Spirit forward.
Happy National Day!


Submitted by Jayanthi (Ms) 
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