A significant gift in the New Year

Dennis Lim and Ms. Teoh Ai Ping, after receiving the lighting doorbell.
Dennis Lim and Ms. Teoh Ai Ping, after receiving the lighting doorbell.

In the welcoming of this year’s Lunar New Year, my family received a very significant gift and we learnt an inspiring lesson.

My mother is 76 years old and has severe hearing difficulty and therefore cannot hear the doorbell rings or the knocks on her door. We have been searching for a door bell that suits her.

By chance, I watched a home visiting video of Tzu Chi Singapore volunteers and in the video I saw the volunteers installed a lighting doorbell for that resident, who is a senior citizen with hearing difficulty too.

After watching that video, I wrote an email to Tzu Chi Singapore’s website to enquire where to buy that lighting doorbell.

On the following day after I have sent the email, I received a reply email from Mr. Liew Zing Quan, Executive Secretary of Tzu Chi Singapore, informing me that the lighting doorbell in the video was not available in Singapore; one of their volunteers has brought it from China.

In that reply email, I was informed that Ms Teoh Ai Ping, the volunteer, who bought the lighting doorbell, has informed her husband about my enquiry. Her husband, who was in China then, informed her that he would try to buy one from China as a gift for my mother. Few days later, Ms Teoh confirmed with me that her husband has bought the lighting doorbell.

I am deeply touched, by the dedication of Mr. Liew Zing Quan in attending to my enquiry and by the kindness of Ms Teoh and her husband in going the extra mile to buy that lighting doorbell for my mother.

From this encounter, my family not only receives a significant gift, we also learnt an inspiring lesson that every interaction with anyone, either in person or through an email, it is an opportunity for us to make a difference for them.

Submitted by Dennis Lim
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