SKM-NEA Anti-Littering Community Volunteers

passion_stKindness to the Environment is an important part of fostering kindness in our society. SKM is in partnership with our National Environment Agency to train members of the public are concerned about our state of cleanliness. Community volunteers should possess a passion in keeping the environment clean and share our belief that the public has to take ownership of the environment for a clean Singapore. Volunteers must be prepared to engage members of public from all walks of life to educate them on anti-littering messages. Only physically fit, mature, responsible and committed persons may be considered.

All volunteers are required to attend two Saturday mornings for training in the Law and enforcement issues. Upon passing a test they will be authorized to help in the enforcement. To be a trainee volunteer, you need to be a Citizen of PR and a member of a gazetted NGO. SKM is a gazetted NGO for this purpose and we are able to nominate you if you are suitable.

If you are interested please write to us at and we will forward you a form for completion.

SKM National Environment Agency