Innoweek 2013

Collaborating with the Ministry of Education for the third year running, SKM’s school sector participated in Innoweek 2013 from 11th March till 15th March.

Through the week, we received many enthusiastic kindergarten children who came forward to join our Kindsville Tour, keen to learn more about kindness.  We reached out to a record-breaking number of a thousand visitors, including children, teachers and volunteers over a period of 5 days.

The Kindsville Tour comprised two main stations. To make the tour exciting for the children, the first station saw them serve as Singa’s travelling partners for the day, joining him on his quest to reach the new tree house built by the Kindness Cubbies.

The children kicked off their journey with a refresher in courtesy by learning how to use the 5 magic words – ‘please’, ‘sorry’, ‘excuse me’, ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome’. To encourage sharing attitudes, an animated Singa announced that he lacked some important materials to complete his gift for the treehouse. The children were then guided to help Singa by sharing their resources.

The next part of the tour brought the children onboard the Kindsville train. There, they were introduced to public transport etiquette such as queuing up and offering their seats to those who were in greater need than them.

Finally, upon reaching the tree house, they had an interactive recap session followed by an enjoyable song and dance sequence by Singa and the Kindness Cubbies!

The children were then led to the second main station where they were taught to make thank-you cards for someone they appreciate.

To many in the team, the highlight was to see many of the children remembering the 5 magic words and learning how to apply them in appropriate situations. With the encouragement of their teachers and parents, it is hoped that their journey in courtesy and kindness will continue as they grow in knowledge and learning.

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