Small acts of kindness do add up; they could even have national impact

I refer to the comments about Singapore’s progress towards social responsibility, made during the Centre for Liveable Cities’ dialogue session and reported in “Etiquette ‘not on pace with progress'” (May 30).

The panel of environmental pioneers made salient points about the need for Singaporeans to progress in social etiquette, even as our society progresses in material success.

This can come about only when the vision of a liveable society encompasses the element of practical social graces, which includes consideration for others. Leaving a space cleaner than when we found it is one such example, in the use of common spaces.

We all have a responsibility to one another, the community and the environment to ensure that our streets are litter-free. Many of us are house-proud, and we do not rely on our guests to clean up our home.

Singapore is our home, where we grow up, live and work. In the same manner, we should be city-proud and make it a personal responsibility to help clean up our city by not littering.

It is important for us all to be aware that it takes effort from everyone to inculcate values pertaining to social responsibility.

The Singapore Kindness Movement has been reaching out constantly to remind fellow citizens and residents that the road to a more gracious society begins with small acts of kindness. Collectively, gracious acts performed by a critical mass of concerned individuals would have a national impact.

William Wan
General Secretary
Singapore Kindness Movement 

First published in TODAY – June 2, 2012

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