Mother’s Love

It is a love that is unique, unconditional and inexplicable. It is a love that begins at conception and lasts till always. There is nothing like a mother’s love and when better to shower your mum with love in return then on mother’s day!

Check out these personalised gift ideas for the mummies who kissed our “boo-boo’s” and rocked us to “la la land” with soothing lullabies.

• Collage of Memories
Express your feelings and emotions of appreciation for mothers through a collage that signifies those special moments. It could be a photograph of the two of you on your first day of school or the day your mum took you out for an ice-cream treat. Include drawings or short stories if photographs are not available. Be sure to write underneath each photograph why you are thankful and consider including a customized poem to make it extra meaningful.

• Gift Baskets
Shower mothers with a gift basket instead of just one gift for the selfless love they have deluged upon us. Your mum will sure appreciate the thoughtfulness! Fill up the gift basket with home-made treats that your mum will love. Be a little creative and go all out when decorating those treats such as heart-shaped cookies or design cupcakes that spell “I love you”. Other items you can include are spa luxuries and flowers. Remember, an easy way to go about personalising a gift basket is picking items that will suit your mum’s style.

• Switch & Swap
Make mother’s day a little more special by switching roles with your mother. Even after a long and tiring day, mothers still find the time to wrap their arms around us and lend a listening ear. Their intuitive nature to know when we are feeling down makes us feel loved and safe. Spend the entire day doing all the duties your mum would usually do. This goes for cooking, cleaning, running errands and what-not. After all, isn’t it mum’s turn to feel pampered?

By Charissa Selvasekaran

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