Gen Y Improves Most in Graciousness Survey

Despite the stigma attached to youths, Generation Y has shown a significant increase among Singaporean adults of all ages when it comes to displaying acts of courtesy.

The Graciousness Index which measures how gracious a society Singapore is, polled 1,400 residents about their own behaviour, and those of others, with respect to social etiquette and standards in Singapore.

This year’s survey unveiled that youth aged 16-29 indicated a 0.4 rise in mean rating to 6.3 even though baby boomers aged 50 and above still scored the highest overall.

The mean rating of baby boomers remained at a consistent 6.7 out of 10 as compared the previous year.

Dr. William Wan, General Secretary of Singapore Kindness Movement said, “There are certain perceptions of young people which is a generational thing because older folk tend to view young people as being self-centred , so the findings help to break the stereotype.”

Though transport remains an area where Singaporeans display less visible acts of graciousness, they have scored well in areas such as respect for other religion and races, thanking those who have helped us and saying “excuse me”.

With the “Say Thanks, Make Someone’s Day” campaign contributing to the awareness of acts of kindness, SKM plans to encourage gracious commuter behaviour such as giving up public transport seat to those who need it more in its next campaign.

Singaporeans scored 61 out of 100 in the survey conducted by SKM that takes place for the fourth year.

By Charissa Selvasekaran

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