Is laughter the best medicine? While many may debate this claim, few can argue that laughter does indeed make us happier. Here are some reasons for it:

1. Stimulates our immune system
Laughter helps protect us against illness as it increases the production of T-cells that attack and eliminate certain viruses and harmful cells in our bodies. It also helps the healing process after operations and illnesses.

2. Overcomes depression
Laughter helps us function as a coping mechanism which reduces depression and stress. It also releases tension in any situation and in so doing, turn unpleasant experiences into more bearable ones.

3. Sharpens our minds 
By increasing positive emotions, laughter stimulates our creativity. It also sharpens our problem-solving skills, keeping us alert and on top of situations.

4. Prevents heart attacks
Studies have shown that blood flow increases after watching a funny video, while blood flow falls after viewing a stressful clip. And of course, increased blood flow helps prevent heart attacks.

5. Gathers people together
Laughter brings people together. We gravitate towards funny people or those that have a humorous attitude to things. Besides, we all love it when we share jokes and make each other laugh!

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