Kindness is good for business

WE AGREE that happiness at work is more than just about making more money (‘How to be happy’; last Monday). Creating a kinder and more gracious work environment will contribute to our state of happiness. For that reason, we will be launching a Kindness@Work programme.

Studies have shown that kindness affects our sense of well-being, stimulating the production of hormones serotonin (contributor of happiness) and oxytocin (more commonly known as the ‘love hormone’), affecting our physical and psychological wellness.

Kindness, as a disposition, significantly reduces cortisol – a hormone released in response to stress – thereby reducing our stress levels.

Clearly, being kind is good and has an inherent calming effect on us because of the chemistry at work that contributes to our positivity.

These positive attributes are also transferable to others, through our attitudes, actions and speech, influencing our co-workers to be gracious and happy.

Kindness given and received at the workplace creates a more gracious and favourable environment.

In today’s economically driven society, achieving a state of happiness may seem like an arduous task, but if we make the conscious effort to channel kind and positive thoughts, and carry out kind and positive actions, we inevitably make others around us happy, resulting in us being happy as well.

A positive and happy workplace is an attractive place to work. When we look forward to work and interacting with happy people, we will be more engaged, and that will drive up productivity.

If we make kindness our business, it is good for any business.

Dr William Wan
General Secretary,
Singapore Kindness Movement

First Published on Feb 6, 2012 in The Straits Times (ST Forum)

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