Happy World Kindness Day!

Give a yellow Gerbera daisy to someone kind; it’s World Kindness Day! Orchard Road was packed with some 500 volunteers on 13 Nov, ready and eager to do just that!

Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, kicked off the event by leading the way and distributing flowers to shoppers and passers-by. Volunteers then took to the street, passing flowers to strangers, in the hope that they would pass the daisies along to someone who was kind to them.

A set of three pushcarts was also set up along Singapore’s famous shopping street, each containing thousands of yellow Gerbera daisies. Besides being a popular photo opportunity for shoppers, the carts also helped to spread the cheery message of kindness. In addition, hundreds of little daisy magnet badges were given out alongside the flowers, allowing the public to take something home as a reminder to be kind.

Passers-by were noticeably happy when receiving the flower, graciously thanking the volunteers with smiles and words of kindness. Some remarked that although we live in a fast-paced society, we should always lend a helping hand whenever we see someone in need.

Singa, SKM’s mascot also made an appearance, walking around to give out flowers and take photos with members of the public and reminding everyone of the day’s significance. Despite a mid-afternoon downpour, the volunteers’ mood was not dampened and many braved the weather with a kind smile.

As the day’s activities drew to a close, volunteers reflected on their hectic day spreading kindness. “Singaporeans are kind, but they need a reminder sometimes,” said Aditi, a 21-year-old who signed up as a volunteer online. Agreeing was 19-year-old student, Wilfred. A volunteer from last year, he felt that the message of kindness was clearly spreading, evident by this year’s larger turnout and publicity. “Still there is room for improvement, for us to be kinder,” he quipped.

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By Deborah Malini

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