My Pursuit of Kindness

2010 is over! Have I been kind this past year? This question has been lingering in my mind over the past few weeks.

It started when I attended a series of events related to World Kindness Day in early November. I participated in the Singapore Kindness Youth Forum organised by SKM and also helped to give out daisies during the iLoveSingapore Walk 2010. Within my own school, I also distributed postcard daisies to raise awareness of kindness in Republic Polytechnic.

The iLoveSingapore Walk

These experiences have opened my eyes and made me more reflective towards the level of graciousness of Singaporeans.

The government is clearly pumping in money and effort into campaigns to prompt people to be kind and considerate. Yet it appears that we are living in a country where acts of kindness are becoming increasingly rare. I believe we are aware of what being gracious means, but carrying them out seems to be a whole different story.

So, how are we still not as kind? I say it’s time for us to break out of our unkind societal chain!

I am not suggesting giant steps into the world of kindness. Instead, tiny steps go a long way.

Start with a New Year’s resolution where you vow to be kinder… and stick to it! Aim for simple acts such as acknowledging another person’s act of kindness. And how about cleaning up after yourself, saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, sincerely smiling at neighbours, letting commuters alight before boarding and not pushing and shoving others while on public transport.

As challenging as these may seem, they are actually all very doable. For me, it is in the heart and mind – we can make a concerted effort to bring out the kindness wherever we go!

This is the pursuit of kindness I am embarking on to make a difference in my life!

By Nur Zalyla Bte Azizan

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