Posters: Graciousness – Just how much time does it take?

10 Graciousness Norms

Graciousness – just how much time does it take?

1. Courteous greetings

2. Common courtesies

3. Listening & not interrupting

4. Volume control

5. Making space for other passengers

6. Road courtesy

7. Punctuality

8. Apologizing appropriately

9. Helpfulness

10. Respect for others

Join us in our kindness journey with these 10 graciousness norms!

One thought on “Posters: Graciousness – Just how much time does it take?

  1. H SKM,

    To promote kindness & graciousness, we must show the neutrals who are considered kind acts (e.g. those listed above), share with them the joy of giving and lastly give them an opportunity to give kindness.

    I created a platform for our friends to come in to spread kindness together as I will be updating everyone on the ongoing kindness initiatives. I hope more people can come in to join us in spreading kindness together:


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